Registration is canceled. Application fee will be refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions: For On-Line Registration Process


All Recruitment is Canceled, All the payments done till date will be refunded, since many complaints are register against us BGY. Accusing us to pretending government fraud. This year Recruitment is being canceled and Application will be refunded. We also strictly mentioned BGY to be non government organization but still many issues are arsing . Therefore, We are shutting this year Recruitment for LDC and UDC vacancy. All the applicants who have already submitted application fee, will get their money refunded.Refund process is started soon every applicant will get their money back.


When will be I get my money refunded?


We have already Initiated the process of the refund. Soon money will be refunded to your bank accounts.
We have initiated for the refund. The amount will take 6-8 business days from the date of initiation to reflect in the source account, as per bank policy. Please note that this time estimate does not include weekends and bank holidays.




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